Awesome People Hanging Out Together is an utterly addictive site that will have little trouble filling your ever-expanding downtime with page after page of eclectic stargazing genius. Will you find Beck hanging out with Thom Yorke? Yes, you will. Obama listening to George Clooney? Yes again. Kanye West, Marc Jacobs and Jay Z at … Continue reading

Wallpaper* – Reborn in India

It hasn’t arrived yet, but judging by this and the online preview, it looks smashing. As is the norm, Wallpaper* stationed themselves in Mumbai and Delhi late April to work on their India issue in a follow up to their excellent Russia, China and Brazil specials. Apart from fresh, comprehensive and in-depth content in the … Continue reading

SOUTH by Aashim Tyagi

Born in Delhi and brought up abroad, Aashim Tyagi returned to Mumbai in 2006 to work as a Graphic Designer. Four years later, he quit his job, booked himself a train ticket and spent two months in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The result is a series of revealing images that give us an off-kilter account … Continue reading