Magazines On The Radio

Regular readers of Monocle will be well aware of the magazine’s professed love of print media and its crafts. So it’s only fitting that Editor-in-Chief Tyler Brule and his team gather every weekend for a proper look-in at other well produced magazines from around the world.

Come Saturday, the team brings in their pick of magazines to Midori House and invite guest critics such as Fantastic Man’s Jon van Bennekon to discuss various aspects of their favourite magazines – from the merits and perils of brand produced magazines such as ACNE Paper to a noteworthy reversal of trends seen with the launch of’s new print counterpart.

Apart from talking magazines, the show also does a weekly round of up books shops from Geneva to Kyoto as well as special reports that cover the German music scene or the evolution of Indian television.

The Review can be found on the Monocle 24 page here. It’s well worth a listen whether you’re a bit of a magazine geek like me, or not.

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